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Scheuerle/Kamag launches K25 system in US
June 5, 2010

Scheuerle/Kamag launched its new K25 heavy haul system to its customers in the US.

On a steaming hot day in Houston across the street from NASA Johnson Space Center, Scheuerle/Kamag launched its new K25 heavy haul system to its customers in the US.

Bernd Schwengsbier, president of TII Sales, termed the K25 as "a groundbreaking heavy haul option that emerged from the combined know-how of experts in the specialized transportation industry worldwide. TII Sales is the parent company of Scheuerle, Kamag and Nicolas, and the K25 is a joint project of Scheuerle and Kamag.

Schwengsbier said the K25 is an especially practical hauling system for the US market, and the roll out of the K25 in the US was important because not many stateside customers had the opportunity to see it at Bauma. Fittingly the introduction event for the K25 was on the 25th day of June and during the 25th week of the year. He said the reasons for developing the K25 were many, with customer requests the most important. "There are lots of trailers in this market," he said. "Kamag is not really well known in the road industry. It is known for its working steel yards and ship yards and for SPMTs. But with the K24 we had developed a coupling system that is popular on the market. We took our blueprints for the K24 and made improvements. This is a very innovative concept which makes the daily work much easier."

The K25 is a new concept in heavy haul from the two companies - it is an autonomous platform trailer that distinguishes itself from previous platform trailers, Schwengsbier said. The modular design of the K25 facilitates many combination possibilities, and it can be adjusted to the requirements of almost any transport task, he said. The K25 is legal on public roads and for in-plant tasks. The trailer has several special versions and accessories.


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