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SPMT – Self Propelled Modular Transport

Robust, High Load-Bearing Capacity

Whenever reliability and security are needed, there is only one solution:

SCHEUERLE SPMT (Self-Propelled Modular Transporter) known worldwide as the embodiment of heavy-duty transporters loading up to 15,000 tons and more:

  • SCHEUERLE SPMT units are available in widths of 2.4 meters or 3.0 meters
  • SCHEUERLE SPMTs can be linked with one another in any combination and coupled mechanically or in Open Compound.

SPMTS can also be coupled with SCHEUERLE Combi series Platform Trailers.

Thanks to this flexibility, SCHEUERLE Modular Transporters rank amongst the most powerful heavy-duty transport systems worldwide. Utilizing SCHEUERLE technology, loads are transported safely and reliably to their places of use, e.g. factory modules for power stations, seawater desalination installations and oil exploration equipment as well as whole offshore platforms.

Depending on the required load-carrying capacity, the 2, 3, 4 or 6-axle modular transporter units can easily be coupled with one another.

A Power Pack Unit (PPU) supplies the hydrostatically driven SPMT with pressure oil for the drive, steering and lift operations.

The Electronic Steering System is controlled by means of an on-board computer that can be configured to control an individual vehicle or groups of coupled units.

In 2004, SCHEUERLE transporters moved an oil and gas drilling platform - with a total weight of 14,350 metric tons - A World Record!


  • More than 5,000 axle lines in use throughout the world
  • Functional and reliable proprietary steering technology
  • Extremely durable, high load bearing vehicle construction
  • Compatible with the world largest fleet of electronically-steered modules
  • The individual modules can be linked together mechanically in any combination using coupling elements or open compound using a single data line connection
  • Forward and Backward Compatibility with other Generation SPMT Units
  • Extensive Accessory options ensure multifunctional usability.


At three meters wide, with a low loading height of 920 millimeters and equipped with Twin Tires – The features of the SPMT 3000 will astound you:

  • Low loading height
  • Wide wheel track ensures extreme stability
  • Axle compensation +350/-300 mm
  • Steering angle +/- 140 degrees
  • Proprietary control technology, functional and dependable

The hydrostatically-driven SPMT 3000 is available in four or six-axle versions.

The Power Pack Unit provides the energy for the hydrostatically propelled and electronically steered Modules. various driving modes can be carried out with the use of a sophisticated on board computer and steering programs: all-wheel steering – crab steering - diagonal steering - front-wheel steering - rear-wheel steering and circle steering all accomplished using STEPS.3 steering technology (SCHEUERLE Transport Electronic Processor System, 3rd Generation). This latest generation covers all further developments in the vehicle sector and guarantees compatibility to the SPMT modular transporter generation.

With STEPS.3, SCHEUERLE offers reliable control technology for the special requirements of heavy load transportation by synchronizing all functions between individual vehicle units. Once a transporter unit is defined as the "master unit”, all other transporter units are sent appropriate control commands for steering, traction drive, braking etc. regardless of the number of vehicles in the group.


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