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Wind Power Transport

The transportation of components used for wind power stations present many special challenges to the heavy haulers that are responsible for moving them. Transporting lightweight and extremely long rotor blades has been likened to the handling of eggs or fine crystal. Additionally, nacelles with high weights often have to be delivered over long distances to remote and difficult-to-access construction sites.

SCHEUERLE Fahrzeugfabrik, offers an extensive range of vehicles, to help facilitate type of transport. Aided by the technology available from sister company, NICOLAS, SCHEUERLE provides the right solution for each transportation task. Cost-efficiency as always is part of SCHEUERLE´s “standard features” list.

Rotor Blade Transportation

Lowbed semi-trailers in different designs are available to transport rotor blades. This means the best-possible vehicle combination can be used according to the composition of the sensitive cargo.

Transporting tower sections

Depending on the design of the tower, the transport of tower sections can be carried out with boiler decks or special tower adapters. After a simple mounting process, the adapters can be adjusted to suit the respective pipe diameter and then tightly connected to the tower section. The adapter technology has a proven track record as a real case solution in the challenging task of transporting tower sections.

Transporting Nacelles

A wide range of vehicles are available to transport nacelles of different weight classes. Depending on the dimensions and weight, these combinations can be configured to accurately match the transportation task at hand, thereby guaranteeing stable, cost-effective transportation.


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